George Kekos, from Epirus, Kalochori, Ioannina, at the beginning of the 20th century lives in Komotini as a well-to-do grain merchant. He married Eleftheria Kalou, from Zitsa, Ioannina. On the eve of the First World War they came to Thessaloniki and then to Kilkis. They have three children, Aurelia, Nikos and Evangelos. After the death of their mother, the three children go to Chrysoupoli, where they are hosted by relatives. Nikos Kekos goes to Vienna and later to Kilkis, while Evangelos, after his military service, comes to Kilkis, where Nikos already had a watch repair shop. During the interwar period, a time of global economic upheaval, the Keku brothers began their journey into the world of entrepreneurship.



Nikos had developed collaborations with merchants of Thessaloniki, mainly gold merchants. One of them was the Jewish diamond seller Boton. Thus, the love for jewelry is born. This is a period of creativity characterized by the dedication to exceptional quality and high aesthetics, characteristics that are still identified with the name Kekou and make it one of the most important companies in Kilkis and the wider region. Evangelos' son, George Kekos, with studies in Optics in Italy further expanded the horizons of the company. With constant trips abroad and participation in International Exhibitions and Conferences, George Kekos, aware of modern trends, offers the best in the field of jewelry, watches and optics.



June 30, 2017 marked 100 years since the start of the Kekos brothers' business in Kilkis. 100 years later the story continues by George Kekos with the same dedication to quality and aesthetics. The passion and love of the Kekos brothers were passed on to the next generation that looks with optimism and creativity to the future in the field of jewelry, watches and optics.

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